SCADA / Automation / IOT

SAT have been formative in designing and implementing SCADA/Automation/IOT Infrastructure all along the Eastern Seaboard of Australia from Tasmania and Adelaide through to Northern Queensland

Working with most of the big Australian Electricity and Water Utilities.

Our SCADA experience includes:

  • Strategy work, analysing requirements and realisation constraints (such as geography, topology, available networks, financial economics)
  • Design work of SCADA and SCADA communications
  • Integration with existing Plant SCADA
  • Interrogation of databases and Historians
  • Writing code and scripts to facilitate an automation process
  • Integration with all the big equipment vendors in the Automation space.

In the more recent Internet of Things space, SAT have:

  • Defined user requirements and business cases
  • Developed Spectrum aspects to provide a media for IOT
  • Installed and integrated IOT equipment
  • Developed IOT architectures and designs from the ground up