SAT is able to provide it’s customers with access to a full suite of network design and associated services, specialised resources and personnel required to manage the successful delivery of projects from concept through to commissioning and maintenance.

From initial system design to optimization and on-going performance management of ICT, communications and wireless networks, SAT provides design and integration services that span a wide range of technologies, including both fixed, mobile and satellite networks. We can provide network design services for both the transport and switching layers of our customer's networks.

We offer radio path profile capabilities and coverage and capacity optimisation for mobile networks - including link budget & path reliability calculations and the formulation of a bill of materials required to achieve specified performance criteria. We also offer line of sight verification, coverage testing and site audit services.

We offer access to peripheral services such as tower design, fabrication, installation and certification,civil/structural/geotech certifications, power system design, installation, optimisation and certification, Radiation Hazard Studies and EME, Smart City Integration, SCADA and Automation, Engineering drafting.... The list goes on... All things ITC and Radio.

Our staff have many years of experience in the ITC, communications, radio and wireless industry ranging from core networks, security, short hop systems to long haul, backbone point to point networks; mobile network and SCADA system overlays, from installation and commissioning of new networks to the cut-over of customer-carrying traffic on existing major networks.

We are equally conversant with design and engineering of the latest wireless technology systems such as LTE, 5G, PSMB, IoT, Mesh, 802 suite, and are able to offer our customers a coverage prediction analysis service enabling design and/or verification of single site installations, through to multi-site network designs.

We provide a broad range of system integration services, bringing together all kinds of high quality ITC, radio and telecommunications subsystems to deliver a seamless integrated solution.

SAT has a successful track record of integrating hardware and software products and solutions for voice, data and video communications for stealth and high reliability through to high bandwidth, low latency.

  • 5G /LTE /4G/ 3G / GSM /GPRS/ HSDPA
  • Hybrid networks/ intelligent networks/smart networks/analytical pre-emption and cognitive networks
  • Mesh Radio
  • Digital Microwave Radios
  • Private Mobile Radio, P25, PSMB, APCO, TETRA, DMR
  • WiMAX / 802.16 / 802.11 / Wifi
  • Automation /Telemetry / SCADA
  • IP over radio, SDH & PDH systems
  • Satellite Networks, Geostationary C Band, KU band, VSAT's, GSS, LEO's
  • Radionavigation, radio surveying
  • Broadcasting and Paging

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