SAT are pioneering with some of the companies developing Smart and analytical decision making intelligent systems, looking at applications that sit over traditional and new IT platforms

Our staff are made up of Engineers (data and communications), mathmeticians who can think and model in the abstract and in Information Theory.


SAT are at the forefront of Telecommunication System Design, having come from the ages of Switching and PDH with traditional Telcos we have the background and a detailed understanding to enable smooth migration and change from legacy systems to the modern IP platforms and next generations after this. We are now moving into the realms of IP, MPLS, Cognitive and intelligent Networks and beyond.

Our designs are based on solid and robust principles, engineered for availability and Reliability, Bandwidth, minimum latency/real time, quality or an optimised trade-off between all of these as driven by specific user requirements.

We have three ACMA accredited assigners to support the activity of attaining optimum radio spectrum as necessary. (See ACMA webpage tab for more detail)


We work with most technologies, For example IP, MPLS, PDH, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE, OFDM, QAM, OFDM, CDMA, (the full acronym list runs to pages), whilst also supporting backward compatibility to prior technologies such as PDH, Serial, P25 , TDMA or analogue channels,

We deal with all aspects of Radio and Telecommunications, Satellite, Terrestrial, undersea fibres, Government, Defence, ISP's and Utilities.

We have three ACMA accredited assigners who also specialise in Spectrum Management who can think laterally about solving the high level requirement with the spectrum resource available, going beyond traditional allocation plans.


SAT has designed and built a number of unique networks, examples include

  • Geographical high bandwidth (>100 Mbps), high availability (99.999%) rings around the State to support for example Critical Mobile
  • Extremely High bandwidth (4 Gbps plus) for Services, Cameras, IOT, Corporate Data, Secure Data
  • Extremely low latency to support first to market financial systems
  • Campus based 100+ Camera networks
  • Metropolitan Public Wifi networks
  • Extremely High availability Emergency Service networks
  • SCADA platforms for over 1000 devices over large Geographical areas using Microwave and point-Multipoint services TDMA and LTE based