About SAT

SAT is an innovative and agile Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Consultancy and Integrator. Originally specialising in all things Core telecommunications and radio (including site and tower builds, ACMA registration, Power systems, Networking) we have broadened our horizons to IP networking, security, smart cities, analytics, CCTV and embracing and driving technological change.

Irrespective of whether you are a Telco, government agency, large multi-national or small specialist private company, we have the capability and capacity to meet your needs for all things ITC, communications, radio and more. We offer hardware, professional services, personnel and solutions from the extreme, bespoke, routine and in between.

We are able to manage the successful delivery of ICT projects from conception through to commissioning and beyond into maintenance. This includes peripheral specialities like greenfield and brownfield tower and site building, electrical power supplies, ACMA licensing, remote and difficult sites. We excel in providing lateral solutions with peripheral services and disciplines, where regular providers and traditional carriers like Telstra or Optus can't or won't.